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Cylindrical roller bearing manufacturers analyze its advantages and uses

发布日期: 2019.03.22 Back to list source: Release date: 2019.03.22

Cylindrical roller bearings have a higher load carrying capacity. The new structural design of the ribs and roller end faces not only improves the axial bearing capacity of the bearings, but also improves the lubrication conditions of the contact area between the roller end faces and the ribs, which improves the bearing Performance. The following is an analysis of the advantages of the famous cylindrical roller bearing manufacturer Beiren Bearing.

1. Roller and raceway are in line contact or repaired line contact, with large radial bearing capacity, suitable for bearing heavy load and impact load.

2. The friction coefficient is small, suitable for high speed, and the limit speed of precision bearings is close to deep groove ball bearings.

3. N type and NU type can move axially, can adapt to the change of the relative position of the shaft and the housing caused by thermal expansion or installation error, and can be used as free end support.

4. The processing requirements of the shaft or seat hole are relatively high. The relative deflection of the outer ring axis after the bearing is installed must be strictly controlled to avoid contact stress concentration.

5. The inner or outer ring can be separated for easy installation and removal.

Cylindrical roller bearings are also widely used, such as large and medium-sized motors, rolling stock, machine tool spindles, internal combustion engines, generators, gas turbines, reduction gearboxes, rolling mills, vibrating screens, and lifting and transportation machinery.


Cylindrical roller bearings can be divided into single-row, double-row, and multi-row cylindrical roller bearings according to the number of rows of mounted rolling elements. Different structural bearings are also shown in the design of the position of the ribs. The commonly used cylindrical roller bearings have the following forms:

Single-row cylindrical roller bearings: Single-row cylindrical roller bearings are separable bearings for easy installation and removal. Both ferrules can be tightly fitted. The contact line between the modified roller and the raceway can reduce stress concentration.

Suzhou Beiren Bearing Sales Co., Ltd. is a rolling mill bearing company that integrates production, sales and service. Its main products include cylindrical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, angular contact ball bearings, backing bearings, spherical roller bearings, deep Groove ball bearings, thrust roller bearings, and customized special specifications bearings.

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