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Analysis of cylindrical roller bearing use and installation problems

发布日期: 2019.03.22 Back to list source: Release date: 2019.03.22

Cylindrical roller bearings are designed to withstand heavy loads. At the same width, this type of bearing has a higher load carrying capacity compared with the traditional bearing with a cage. The radial section is small, which can save space, but the speed is relatively low. Cylindrical roller bearings are also relatively versatile.

1. The installation of bearings must be carried out in a dry and clean environment. Before installation, carefully check the machining quality of the mating surface of the shaft and the housing, the end face of the shoulder, the groove and the connection surface. All mating connection surfaces must be carefully cleaned and deburred, and the unprocessed surface of the casting must be cleaned of molding sand.

2. Before the bearing is installed, it should be cleaned with gasoline or kerosene, and used after drying, and ensure good lubrication. The bearing is generally lubricated with grease or oil. When using grease lubrication, a grease with excellent properties such as no impurities, oxidation resistance, rust prevention, and extreme pressure should be selected. The grease filling amount is 30% -60% of the volume of the bearing and the bearing box, and should not be excessive. The double-row tapered roller bearing with seal structure and the pump shaft bearing have been filled with grease, which can be used directly by the user and can no longer be cleaned.

3. When the bearing is installed, an equal pressure must be applied on the circumference of the end face of the ferrule, and the ferrule must be pressed in. Do not directly hit the end face of the bearing with a tool such as a hoe to avoid damage to the bearing. In the case of a small interference amount, the end face of the bearing ring can be pressed with a sleeve at normal temperature, the sleeve can be beaten with a hoe, and the ring can be pressed in evenly through the sleeve. For large-scale installations, hydraulic presses can be used. When pressing in, ensure that the end face of the outer ring and the end face of the housing shoulder, and the end face of the inner ring and the end face of the shaft shoulder are tight. No gap is allowed.


4. When the interference is large, it can be installed by oil bath heating or inductor heating bearing. The heating temperature range is 80 ℃ -100 ℃, and it cannot exceed 120 ℃. At the same time, nuts or other appropriate methods should be used to tighten the bearing to prevent the bearing from shrinking in the width direction and causing a gap between the ferrule and the shaft shoulder.

5. The clearance of single-row tapered roller bearings should be adjusted. The clearance value should be specifically determined according to the different operating conditions and the amount of interference. If necessary, it shall be determined by test. Double-row tapered roller bearings and pump shaft coupling bearings have been adjusted for clearance at the factory, and do not need to be adjusted during installation.

6. After the bearing is installed, a rotation test should be performed. It is first used for the rotating shaft or bearing box. If there is no abnormality, it will be driven with no load and low speed by power, and then gradually increase the rotation speed and load according to the operating conditions, and detect noise, vibration and If temperature rises, if abnormality is found, it should stop running and check. Can not be delivered until the running test is normal.

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